A choice of

the heart


Arriving to Montreal, was a choice of the heart.

It's hard to put the finger on the exact reason, because the logic of the heart is somewhat different than the one of the mind... so when asked, we usually answer: ”the tolerance, the space, the people, the weather, the vibe...”

We discover ourselves through all of it and every day we feel the growth of awareness for a better life, a healthier life, for the body, for the soul, for the healing of this planet. All of this drives us to open our hearts and minds and to share with you all what we believe in, what we feel is so right and even crucial to the human living.

We met along this life journey and became a family by choice, sharing the same direction and will for an inner growth.

Once this becomes an integral part of one's life, a strong attraction appears within for the right “ingredients” - meaning that we start listening to what our body needs and wants, how can we help ourselves and feel better, more complete, closer to ourselves.

So the river of life flows on, and now we find ourselves in a meeting point. With you. Wanting to share and help and provide what we can offer so everybody will enjoy the great opportunity of a better and greener life!

This is what we do, this is what we believe in, and we invite you all to join us.